New Energy Exploitation and Application

E-ISSN:  2754-5652
Frequency:  Semiyearly
Language:  English

Aims & Scope:

New Energy Exploitation and Application is an open access, international English language journal focusing on the latest developments in the field of energy. It publishes academic papers and reviews of the results of research on the sustainable development of various energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro, and biogas energy, as well as the relationship between energy and economy, environment, and policy. This journal integrates academic and ideological aspects, encourages innovation in thoughts and academics, advocates science, and devotes itself to academic prosperity. It aims to provide a communication platform for energy researchers, energy workers, and other people who study and care about energy development worldwide to disseminate, share and discuss the sustainable development of energy.

The scope of articles collected in the journal is as follows:

Biomass conversion Photovoltaic technology conversion Solar thermal applications
Wind energy technology Desalination of sea water Solar energy and low energy buildings
Geothermal technology Wave, tidal and ocean thermal energy Hydroelectricity 
Hydrogen technology and fuel cells